Since 2011, the Foundation has been asked by both public authorities and citizens to help them develop a "deliberative democracy" approach, inspired by the G1000 as well as by previous citizens' panels that it had pionneered in Belgium since 2001.

That is pretty much how things have worked in various support committees, as in Wallonia’s “Youth Parliament” on sustainable development strategy, the Parliament of Wallonia citizens' panels on aging (members were picked at random) and the Mobility Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region, or the Louvain-la-Neuve G100 committee on the extension of a commercial complex.

The Foundation is also a partner of the Collaborative City VILCO - Innoviris project for participatory governance at the level of Brussels neighbourhoods, which brings together local citizens and institutions in a common dynamic of transition.

G1000... Democratic innovation in the German-speaking Community

The smallest region of Belgium become a true laboratory of democratic innovation in Europe. Since 2019 it become the first place in Europe with a system whereby a permanent representation of citizens’ drawn randomly is organized next to the existing parliament. The G1000 organisation designed this model, brought international and local experts together in the capital Eupen and will consult to support the implementation of the process. We call this the "Ostbelgien Model".

Beyond these concrete initiatives, the Foundation is regularly invited by the media to address these topics.