Foundation 3.0 Strategic Round Tables - Deploying all foundations assets for positive systemic change


Foundation 3.0 is an international peer-learning group of foundations questioning their various fields of activities – grant-making, endowment management and operations.
They learn about, and share, more transformational strategies and practices that aim to deploy all their resources to support systemic change towards sustainable development.

For whom?

To enable everyone to contribute, participation in the Strategic Round Tables is by invitation only and is restricted to a limited number of participants.

To ensure high quality in terms of exchange and sharing of experience, the Round Tables target those occupying key strategic decision-making positions within their company (top executives and board members as well as administrators). The heads of several dozens of foundations have actively participated in Foundation 3.0 since the inaugural Round Table in 2013.


In addition to the composition of the group, the format allows participants to benefit from a unique exchange that complements other venues for exchange within the sector.

  • In detail: The participants meet once a year for 48 hours to discuss key issues and jointly examine the achievements of pioneering foundations. In contrast to the short 'pitch' used in a conference presentation, we take time to get to the heart of a subject, tackling difficult questions. Specifically, we explore the background behind initiatives that take an original approach when dealing with systemic societal challenges. This pragmatic approach allows participants to connect experiences with their own daily work. The case studies are also selected for their maturity, allowing a step back to take stock of the impact. The confidentiality of the exchanges makes for an environment that is open, yet discreet.
  • Sharing experience: This joint examination is based on peer sharing: a diverse panel of stakeholders introduces a topic on the basis of their experience on the ground, complemented by ad hoc external expertise. This is then followed by a dialogue among participants, with input from the whole group in order to create a broader perspective.
  • Linguistic and cultural diversity: the intermingling of experiences emanates from foundations of various sizes, mostly from Europe. The plurality of experiences and modes of action involving common issues is an asset. Simultaneous interpretation allows for nuanced expression and ensures the quality of debate between the English- and French-speaking worlds.

About what? Strategic issues being dealt with

Foundation 3.0 looks in detail at emerging issues, or at emerging perspectives on familiar issues, all related to the three foundation activities: granting of funds, capital management and modes of operation.

This examination applies to strategic and operational needs, anchoring them in their context and in practice. Although the issues raised concern many foundations, they are treated here from the demanding perspective of positive systemic change.

Chosen by the partners, here are the issues discussed in depth together:

What are the outcomes?

-    48h schedule: in-depth debates, informal discussions and networking for 48h each year;
-    Structured report of the discussions & documents supporting the presentations.

Who is behind Foundation 3.0?

Foundation 3.0 is jointly borne by a group of foundations, its strategic partners: Chimay-Wartoise Foundation (BE), Cyrys Foundation (BE), Fondation de France (FR), Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso (FR), Foundation for Future Generations (BE), Gulbenkian Foundation (PO), Nordea-fonden (DK), Porticus Foundation (NL), Progressio Foundation (NL), … and growing. The Foundation for Future Generations is responsible for the coordination of the initiative.

This partnership is open to other foundations whose strategy and practices wish to be inspired by an in-depth reflection on the nature of the systemic changes affecting our societies, and that wish to join a process of sharing and pooling part of their R&D on the fundamentals of their philanthropic action.


Benoît Derenne
Executive director
Foundation for Future Generations
+32 81 22 60 62