SE’nSE, seed equity fund for environment-driven sustainable start-ups.

Fonds SE’nSE


Contributing to a sustainable world by stimulating entrepreneurship. That is the aim of the Seed Equity & Sustainable Entrepreneurship Fund (SE'nSE Fund), created by Pierre Mottet (IBA) and hosted by the Foundation for Future Generations.

Stimulating entrepreneurship

Signature Fonds SE'nSEThe aim of the SE’nSE Fund, created by Pierre Mottet (IBA) and hosted by the Foundation for Future Generations: contributing to a sustainable world by stimulating entrepreneurship.

The SE’nSE Fund receives an endowment of €100.000 yearly, mainly from its founder and supplemented by other philanthropists. Its main goal is to support start-ups with a significant positive impact on the environment by providing financial means (in seed equity). The jury selects a maximum of six outstanding projects every year, based on their potential positive impact on the environment and their sustainable operating model.

On top of the financial support, the SE’nSE Fund aims at facilitating networking and exchanging experience. It offers young entrepreneurs qualitative feedback from a panel of experts, composed of key actors in sustainable entrepreneurship. Consequently, the ‘SE’nSE label’ could open doors to additional, more traditional funding.

Maximising sustainable environmental gains

To the initiative of Pierre Mottet, SE’nSE is a not-for-profit investment fund. Rather than generating financial profits, the Fund aims at maximising environmental gains. The intent is to bridge the gap between the 3F stage (Family, Fools & Friends) on the one hand and the setup of a more permanent financing structure on the other.

The allocated money will remain in the hands of the awardees for as long as they need it. However, SE’nSE incentivises awardees to accelerate repayment to the fund. Indeed, it seeks to maximize the number of benefiting projects, and ensure the long-term sustainability of the Fund. Therefore, as a ‘subordinated convertible loan’, it can over time take share in the expected financial value creation of the successful projects.

A contemporary, transformative view on philanthropy

In the light of the current challenges and crises, Pierre Mottet has opted for both a rational and transformative approach. This contemporary look on philanthropy goes beyond emotive short-term answers. It stimulates society to think and act 360°-wise: a mind-set specific to sustainable development.

By setting up the SE’nSE Fund, Pierre Mottet expresses his confidence in the Foundation for Future Generations, and encourages other philanthropists to invest in entrepreneurship for future generations.

The SE’nSE Fund Management Committee meets once a year. It is composed of the founder, the director of the Foundation for Future Generations and a third person. The Fund doesn’t have its own legal personality and its assets coincide with those of the Foundation. The Fund is managed according to the guiding principles of a Named Fund, hosted by the Foundation.

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Fonds SE'nSE

Un fonds d'amorçage pour startups durables à portée environnementale transformatrice
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