Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Sustainable Development Circle

Inspiring system change in business

The Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Sustainable Development Circle of the Foundation for Future Generations is a peer learning group of about 30 entrepreneurs who exchange on solutions to advance the business community along the transition towards a sustainable economy. Senior CEOs and younger entrepreneurs from Wallonia and Brussels, they come from a wide range of economic sectors and business sizes.
The programme consists of 4 annual meetings during which members discuss a particular topic, going from theory to practice and taking into account real life situations of companies. The programme is developed in partnership with HEC Liège. Members contribute by hosting the Circle in turn at their production site. The fourth meeting is generally a public conference, open to non-member CEOs and corporate stakeholders, by invitation only.
Members (as of 30.04.2021) :
Jean-François Baele (Domaine du Ry d'Argent), Loïc Bar (Opinum), George Blackman (Realco), Francis J. Blake (Imperbel-Derbigum), René Branders (Four Industriel Belge), Benoît Ceysens (La Ferme Nos Pilifs), Olivier Chapelle (Recticel), Christian Collard (TCO Service), Jeanne Collard (La Cuisine des Champs), Benoît Coppée (InvestSud/Foire de Libramont), Jacques Crahay (Cosucra), Marie d'Huart (Cap Source), Serge De Backer (Cap Conseil), Denis Drousie (DEME-Ecoterres), Christian Fosseur, Michel Foucart (Technord), Philippe Foucart (Technord), Paul Havelange (Ubidata), Jérôme Kervyn de Meerendré (Memoco), Geneviève Le Clercq (Kewlox), Bérengère Ménart (Ménart), Fank Mestdagh (d'ici), Laurent Minguet (Invest Minguet Gestion), Anne Mortier (SeBio), Pierre Mottet (IBA), Thiery Noesen (Belvas), Jacques Pélerin (GRE Liège), Mireille Rousseaux-Nélis (Dutra), Frédéric Rouvez (Exki), Jean-Noël Tilman (Tilman), Thomas Van Craen (Banque Triodos), Hilde Weckx (Expanscience).
Membres honoraires : Marcel Miller (Alstom Belgium), Valérie Urbain (Euroclear)
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