The Foundation inspires and prepares society to adopt a 360° vision.

An overview of our projects:

Academic awards to prepare tomorrow's brains to think and act in "360°"

Deploy all foundations assets for positive systemic change

Tournée Générale is a meeting and discovery tour that offers a unique opportunity to discover in depth several inspiring initiatives.

Le Future Proef Award récompense les travaux de fin d'études d'étudiant·e·s de master et de bachelier (type long et type court) issu·e·s d’une institution d'enseignement supérieur flamand, traitant d’enjeux de développement durable avec une approche systémique, à 360°.

“Sustainability Literacy”, or knowledge about sustainability, is all about the know-how, skills and abilities helping a person to work towards constructing a sustainable future and to take enlightened and well-founded decisions in this sense.