The Foundation inspires and prepares society to adopt a 360° vision.

An overview of our projects:

Academic awards to prepare tomorrow's brains to think and act in "360°"

Tournée Générale is a meeting and discovery tour that offers a unique opportunity to discover in depth several inspiring initiatives.

The Provinces also organise a local Sustainable Development Award !

SE'nSE, a seed capital fund for sustainable and environmental start-ups.

La Fondation pour les Générations Futures a initié en 2019 un nouveau programme visant à soutenir les étudiants-entrepreneurs qui développent un produit, un service ou une technique porteuse d’impact sociétal positif.

Developing together a sustainable project - This unique and free tool supports you in making your projects more sustainable, at your own rythm.

“Sustainability Literacy”, or knowledge about sustainability, is all about the know-how, skills and abilities helping a person to work towards constructing a sustainable future and to take enlightened and well-founded decisions in this sense.