Following the success of the donations made to mark Eurofins’ 30th anniversary, end of 2017, several leaders and team members of Group companies and the Group’s founders have decided to commit to a philanthropy programme of more significant, long-term societal impact. As a result, the Eurofins Foundation was born.

The Eurofins Foundation is a Public Interest Foundation, which was legally established in Belgium in September 2019. The objectives of the Eurofins Foundation have been proposed based on existing commitments of the global Eurofins community: contributing to global health and safety and protecting the environment.

The objective of the Eurofins Foundation are to support initiatives, across different fields, which share these same goals. The foundation supports initiatives aiming at protecting the environment, improving nutrition and health, helping nonprofits and social businesses working in the fields of environment or health protection and nutrition improvement, supporting start-up ventures or NGOs focused on sustainable development, supporting  students who study or carry out research in fields aiming at contributing to safer and healthier lives but who lack sufficient financial resources, and helping charities active in the local communities where Eurofins’ laboratories operate and their staff live and work.