Surprisingly unique in Belgium and, to our knowledge, in Europe, the work of the "Asset Management working group" of the Belgian Federation of Philanthropic Foundations has led to two structured tools that fill a gap in the resources available to foundations (as well as to other nonprofits).

These two publications bring together key elements that enable foundations to elevate the societal ambition of their assets under management, both upstream and downstream of their decision-making process.

#1: (Upstream) Help to decide elevating the societal ambition of your assets

Elevate the societal ambition of my foundation's assets under management: Why integrate extra-financial criteria?
This 1st publication aims to support foundations that are considering the values, objectives and arguments relating to the integration of extra-financial criteria into the management of their financial assets. This publication brings together a wide range of arguments to support the decision-making process of foundations' internal bodies. It brings together 10 arguments and 5 responses to common concerns that invite and motivate you to take a closer look at the societal ambitions of the assets under management in your foundation.

#2: (Downstream) Help to implement elevating the societal ambition of your assets

Elevate the societal ambition of my foundation's assets under management: How to collaborate with my asset manager?
This 2nd publication provides guidance and resources to foundations wishing to engage constructively with their asset manager (and its range of financial products and marketing). This publication helps you to understand and challenge your asset manager's offering, and can also inspire you to evaluate or organise its selection, with the aim of elevating the societal ambition of your foundation's assets under management.

The process behind the publications

These publications represent the culmination of the first two years (from late 2021 to late 2023) of the work of the Asset Management Working Group. This group is committed to promoting the exchange of knowledge and good practices between foundations on combining extra-financial (societal) and financial criteria when managing their assets. These guides are based on exchanges, discussions and presentations by speakers on the themes of socially responsible/ESG/sustainable investment as well as impact investing.

They were produced by the Foundation for Future Generations, which initiated and chairs the working group, with the support of the Secretariat of the Belgian Federation of Philanthropic Foundations.

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