Olivier Legrain"Our mission - to protect, improve and save lives - naturally implies an interest in future generations and innovation in a sustainable development approach." Olivier Legrain, CEO of IBA


IBA is the world leader in cutting-edge technologies for radiotherapy and cancer diagnostics. The expertise of the company lies in the development of innovative proton therapy technology, supplying the oncology world with equipment boasting unrivalled precision. The company is considerate of the environment and seeks to reduce its carbon footprint. The company cares about the well-being of patients, employees, community, the planet and its shareholders, because it is by working with them that it is able to realise its mission to "protect, improve and save lives". www.iba-worldwide.com

Why support the HERA Awards?

For some years already, IBA has had in place an ambitious sustainable development programme, with the aim of realising its desire to integrate all stakeholders into its company strategy. To this end, education and consideration for future generations are themes which it holds particularly dear. The HERA programme aligns naturally with this endeavour. The works of award-winning students could also inspire and challenge IBA engineers.