F'in Common is a citizens-powered cooperative fund to finance the social economy.

Are you a citizen looking for ethical and solidarity investments? F'in Common allows you to invest in a diversified way to finance projects and support a model of society that respects the planet and its inhabitants. Are you also willing to make meaningful investments? Nothing could be easier. Go to fincommon.coop and become a cooperator (and an actor in the social economy).

Are you a social economy enterprise? F'in Common provides you with financial resources halfway between loans and equity contributions. Do you want support from F'in Common in the form of a complementary loan? Visit fincommon.coop

The Foundation for Future Generations, through its Sustainable Finance Fund, provides a guarantee of €150,000 which partially covers the risks involved and thus contributes to the financial security offered to citizen-investors. The Foundation is also a co-operator and co-founder of F'in Common, alongside Financité and about thirty social economy enterprises.