With the NextGen, challenging our philanthropic approaches to positive systemic change

This round table was held on 10th and 11th May in Namur (Belgium).

A Next Generation (NextGen) of philanthropists is challenging and expanding the array of philanthropic engagement strategies. Allowing the NextGen to inspire more established foundations can invigorate their journey to systemic change.

The NextGen may shed a different light on a variety of philanthropic approaches such as combining multiple engagement methods, new topics, impact measurement, financial investments, governance models more open to participation, collaboration and diversity, societal entrepreneurship, digital communication and data management, as well as new ways of giving.

The round table brought together 5 inspiring examples of initiatives that exemplify some of the challenges and new strategies brought by the NextGen.

Through the lens of a high-level learning circle, the meeting focused on two main dimensions:

  • What more established foundations may learn from NextGen philanthropy’s innovative approaches, while remaining critical of their potential limits.
  • How foundations could benefit from integrating or strengthening collaborations with NextGen philanthropists?

Case studies


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