Better collaboration for change & impact - 21 & 22 March 2024 - Namur

This round table was held on 21th and 22th May in Namur (Belgium)

During this 12th Foundation 3.0 Strategic Round Table, we explored ways through which the foundations can collaborate more effectively, both with peers and stakeholders in the ecosystems of which they are a part, and how these collaborations can support greater systemic change, at a time of crisis and opportunity!

The context in which the foundations operate as philanthropic players is becoming increasingly complex and difficult.

The foundations face tremendous societal challenges and expectations in terms of support are high, with far greater demand their resources than ever before. And it’s rising. In response to this, and to tackle the root and systemic causes of the issues we encounter, we need to become more ambitious, more imaginative, and more effective in our collaborations.

As foundations, but also in the wider ecosystems in which we operate, we need to strengthen our strategies for collaboration, cooperation and coordination. This requires specific skills, roles, approaches, and infrastructure.

Illustrated by concrete pioneering cases, this Strategic Round Table offered participants an understanding of an array of collaborative practices and considered the conditions needed to generate greater impact into our existing strategies.

To inspire and stimulate the conversations

We have welcomed the following speakers:

  • James Drinkwater, Head, Built Environment programme, Laudes Foundation (NL) : To accelerate the transition to a climate-positive and inclusive economy, James and his team exemplify a mission-based, cross-sector collaboration in the built environment industry. Focusing on whole-life carbon and circular economy, the programme combines industry roadmaps, legislation, finance, community support and frontrunners support to speed up the development of low carbon and biobased buildings while promoting equity and inclusion.
  • Jo Swinson, Director, Partners for a New Economy (P4NE) (CH) : P4NE is an international philanthropic fund focused on transforming our economy for nature and all people to flourish. Jo shared her experience of leading a funder collaboration and on what it means to act as a field-builder in the new economy ecosystem.
  • Abdou Sidibe, Director of Grants, Paul Hamlyn Foundation & Local Motion (UK) : Local Motion is about bringing people, organisations and institutions together, so that communities in six places can benefit from joined up thinking, pooled resources and long-term collaboration and planning with the UK funding community. Abdou shared insights from being part of a funder collaboration doing place-based systems change in the UK.
  • Marion Ben Hammo, Responsable Missions sociales & Alexandre Giraud, Directeur du Mécénat, Fondation de France (FR) : To make systemic change accessible and strengthen the philanthropic sector's ability to contribute more effectively to societal transformation, the Racines community of practice brings together players from philanthropy, social innovation and research. Inventer Demain builds ambitious projects based on long-term, open-ended, horizontal and experimental collaboration between charities and funders, with the aim of making a difference at the heart of local communities.

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