Strategy for foundation action for a sustainable society: systemic risks and resilience

This first meeting, held on 3rd and 4th July 2013 in Lille, brought together directors, presidents and top managers from 13 foundations from six countries (Be, Fr, UK, Se, Ca, It).

Anticipating systemic risks is very tricky. Predicting where the next upheaval or major shock threatening our livelihoods will come from is impossible. At an escalating rate and across borders, the vulnerability of other regions makes us vulnerable. Issues once identified and examined individually are now inextricably interlinked. The resilience of our societies, economies and ecosystems has been reduced - resilience being understood as a socio-ecological system's capacity to survive major upheavals, reorganizing where necessary, without losing what is essential.

How can our foundations take into account the analysis of systemic risks and the promotion of a more resilient society? What benefit can our foundations gain from these new ways of thinking and acting - in such fields as governance, social justice, environmental policy and the creation of shared prosperity? What potential is there for our grant-making strategies in a sustainability perspective?
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