In 2001, Walloon Brabant underwent an unprecedented experience for Belgium: Which Walloon Brabant for tomorrow?, the first citizens' panel in Belgium!

Which societal challenge?

The issue was: “Regional spatial planning, Mobility, Sustainable Development… Which future for our Walloon Brabant province?


The Minister in charge of spatial planning and the Minister in charge of mobility were commissioning the citizens' panel, initiated and organised by the Foundation for Future Generations.


62 citizens were drawned by lot, met a broad number of resource persons and deliberated together.

They handed in their citizens’ report publicly to the Walloon Government. The citizens' report provided the government with a deep insight into the collective values and the ranking of these values according to informed citizens.

When What
02.02.2001 Launch & press conference by the ministers
12-23.02.2001 Recruitment of panelists
07.03.2001 Opening evening in plenary, only the first part being public
09-11.03.2001 3 days of hearings with resource persons: Centre (Wavre), 19 panellists
16-18.03.2001 3 days of hearings with resource persons: East (Jodoigne), 22 panelists
23-25.03.2001 3 days of hearings with resource persons: West (Nivelles), 21 panelists
21.02.2001 Plenary day: openings and synthesis
02.05.2001 Evening: 11 delegates at the drafting table (Governor's residence)
18.05.2001 Evening of amendments and approval of the citizens report in plenary (Governor's residence)
19.05.2001 Public reading of the citizens report to ministers by 5 panellists in the presence of the panel, in Namur
07.12.2001 Follow up and evaluation evening
11.12.2002 Press conference, presenting the video and the vade-mecum publication

Results & more info

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