Deze projectoproep is voorlopig alleen beschikbaar in het Frans en het Engels maar anderstalige kandidaten mogen het dossier in het Engels invullen. 

A call for applications from the Shinju Fund for Future Generations, in partnership with AgroParisTech

Seed funding for sustainable and innovative start-ups that aim to maximize 360° environmental benefits in the fields of food, agriculture, forestry and biotech

The 3rd edition of this Seeding the Future call  for applications starts is now closed. The jury meeting will be held in Paris on September 27, 2024.

This call currently extends to France and Belgium. It is only accessible to (future) start-ups identified via specific channels: for France via the AgroParisTech network and its partners; and for Belgium via various services dedicated to university spin-offs and various startup incubators.

A strong positive societal impact for the environment in key sectors

The goal pursued by the Shinju Fund for Future Generations, the Foundation for Future Generations and AgroParisTech is to contribute to the emergence of innovative and exemplary entrepreneurial solutions in the world of life sciences, demonstrating a high potential for positive impact on the environment in a 360° approach to sustainability issues.

The Seeding the Future call focuses on  start-ups (pre-seed & seed stage) with a strong ambition for impact, in the areas of food, agriculture and forestry, including biotechnology for these three sectors. We invite potential candidates to check their eligibility (see presentation document) and if in doubt about it, to contact the Foundation.

Following an evaluation by a jury of experts based on demanding selection criteria, 3 to 5 start-ups will benefit from seed capital in the form of a subordinated loan of  up to 50,000 euros. A subordinated loan is a form of credit in which the lender takes the highest level of risk: it is the last to be repaid. Banks consider this type of loan to be quasi-equity, which helps them provide financing. This type of financing allows founders to focus on the development of their project without fear of dilutive logics from the outset.

The loan has zero interest rate for the first 18 months. An annual rate adjusted for inflation (average interbank rate plus a rate of 4%) is then applied for a period of 4 years. The surcharge then increases from 4% to 8%. For start-ups that are highly successful, a solidarity mechanism for an additional philanthropic contribution is provided (see conditions in the presentation document).

In addition to financial support, this call offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to refine their projects based on the constructive feedback of the jury of experts from various sectors. In addition, it provides visibility and access to a vast network of impact-driven organizations and individuals.

The Seeding the Future call  is characterized, in its philanthropic dimension, by the following elements: a priority attention to environmental impact from a 360° global perspective, a high level of risk and a reasonable risk-adjusted return, the selfless nature of funders' donations to the Shinju Fund for Future Generations,  the full reinjection of repayments (incl. interest and philanthropic contribution) into the objectives pursued by the Fund.

The objective underlying its financing mechanism is therefore not to generate a profit for those who finance it, but to ensure the sustainability of its actions over the long term in order to benefit as many impact start-ups as possible. The amounts reimbursed and any additional philanthropic contributions are fully reinvested in supporting new start-ups in the following editions.

The consequence of this approach is that (1) projects that do not sufficiently demonstrate a repayment capacity will not be selected, (2) the conditions applied to the loan encourage rapid repayment thus promoting a cycle of loan - repayment - new loan, and (3) the projects supported are expected to adhere to this philanthropic vision and the possibility of one day being a contributor to it if their business succeeds.

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